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Cherry blossom amor shiftboot is very captivating. very limited!            ***"universal" YOU must make adjustments to make it fit your car, and take full responsibility and NO REFUNDS***     IN.FOCUS is not just a brand, its a way of life. never give up on the goals you set for yourself. "ONLY THE WEAK MINDED LOSE FOCUS"  


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    Cherry Blossom shift boot.

    Posted by Chris Albaugh on 5th Sep 2022

    I was looking to replace my old boot & this one caught my eye. Fitment is mint!

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    Cherry blossom amor shifter boots and e brake boot

    Posted by Alexis on 24th Aug 2022

    They look nice, good quality and arw easy to install. Fits great.

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    Shift and ebrake boot

    Posted by Austin on 12th Jan 2022

    Purchased the shift boot and ebrake boot for my 2016 sti. Fitment is great and looks great in my car. Would recommend.

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    Cherry Blossom

    Posted by Christian on 22nd Dec 2021

    it looks really good and feels really good. PSA: you'll most likely have to cut some of it for it to fit properly with your center console. But dont worry, its not difficult (unless you use wire cutters like i did). Also you might need to get a spacer from home depot to put above the nut for whatever shift knob you have so it stays up (at least you do for the dc5, idk about other cars) (i hope this doesn't scare any of you away, it took me about 30 minutes total to take my shift console off, take the old boot off, and put the new one on. 20/30 of those minutes was me trying to get the silver bezel off the dc5 center console)

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    Cherry Blossom Shift Boot

    Posted by Jaydon on 28th Oct 2020

    Super happy this product came with the synchro top for a boot retainer, also happy with the quality and finish. The matte look/feel doesn’t look cheap and looks great. Fit was a bit tight but worked out!

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    Cherry Blossom Amor

    Posted by PrinceDri on 28th Oct 2020

    Beautiful product, arrived in a timely manner! They pay attention to details and hooked me up for my 87 Prelude Si restoration! Thanks a ton to the people who work at IN.FOCUS

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    Pretty Good

    Posted by Kevin C on 4th Jun 2020

    The fitment was pretty good. All of the holes were pre-cut, but the pins on the center top, bottom, left, and right were not there as there was a slit cut out. This made it to where you can see under the shift boot at those places. I just layed the shift boot over the pins to prevent it.

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    Cherry blossom Amor

    Posted by James on 29th Apr 2020

    I was concerned at time of purchase that the fabric would be rough / not pleasant to touch. It looks like it would be in the pictures. It’s actually super soft and feels really high quality. The shift boot ordered for my 18’ STi fit perfectly. Absolutely no modification what so ever. The E-brake boot took some time but anyone could do the instal with some effort.

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    Posted by Miguel on 22nd Apr 2020

    Look amazing, the fitment is perfect and they shipped fast.